"If you build it, they will come."~Some Dude

Once upon a time,  some random fucking dude was looking for a single-cut,  six string,  baritone guitar.  He realized that the limited instruments which he found, were clumsy and awkward.  The fucker wasn't interested in a guitar that looked like Patrick Swayze's brother.  You know,  kinda familiar looking,  yet messing a chromosome.  What he needed was to be a balanced beast,  which could tune lower than a tweeker trying to find the last chunk in a shag carpet,  stab you when he found it,  and still fit in a regular sized case.  At that moment,  the sun broke through the clouds,  and the man proclaimed to his friends,  "Hey,  fuckers.  I'm gonna make a guitar,  then I'm gonna write Vagina on it and say it's better than everything.  If anyone disagrees,  they can tell everyone they know that they hate Vagina".  "I want one",  cheered the friends.

And so it began.
Obstacles appeared immediately.  When trying to trademark Vagina Guitars,  the federal trademark office called this honorable man and said,  "This is not possible !  You can not trademark the word guitar !  It's too general !"
The man reluctantly agreed. and trademarked Vagina. Next thing you know, dipshits in nashville were sending legal notices. 

Upon these pages,  you will find our humble beginnings.  Gaze upon our 28" Dixon Vagina,  Adorher,  and other guitars that some dickhead company claims to own the names of when they don't.  We are here to bring Vagina to musicians who may otherwise have no access.  We also help those who can't get enough.  Guitars.

Our mission is to make Vagina as large as possible.  Together with our clients,  we will spread Vagina across this great Earth.  probably not New Jersey.  

Please browse our site.  If you see something which suits your desires,  drop us a line.  Vagina is a semi-custom shop which creates limited run models tailored to the end user.  Can you completely design your own Vagina?  Of course not.  That would be weird.

Thank you for your interest in Vagina,

Andrew Miller

 Founder Vagina